College of Liberal Arts, Department of Asian Studies:
Wen-Hua Teng, Senior Lecturer, PH D: Site Concept and Content Creation
Wen-Hua proposed this project and designed the 300 situations in the 30 units on this website as well as their accompanying options. She was also in charge of organizing item-testing by native speakers of Chinese.

College of Education, Graduate Student Contributors:
Vanessa Chiang:
Vanessa worked on developing the website based upon web template and acquired photos of China.

Chung-Kai Huang:
Chung-Kai Huang: Chung-Kai worked on the conversion of Chinese characters to Unicode and the unit tests.


Liberal Arts Instructional Technology Services Staff:

Director, Liberal Arts ITS / Assistant Dean
Joseph C TenBarge Jr

Producer/ Associate Director Liberal Arts ITS
James Henson:
Jim handled issues relating to funding as well as provided advice on how to mange the website.

Project Manager/Audio Engineer
Michael Heidenreich:
Mike helped coordinate all the talented people who worked on this website and tried to keep everyone on deadline. He recorded and edited the audio for the site, contributed the Chinese Take-In title and the lantern logo concept.

Web Designer BFA / Student Technology Assistant Supervisor
Suloni Robertson : art direction & illustration
Suloni mocked-up the final design layout after combining all major suggestions given to her about look and feel of the site from the LAITS web development team and Wen-Hua. She illustrated the lanterns and custom edited each photo to fit the final color scheme of the site.

Computer Programmer
Ran An: web template development and design
Ran refined and implemented the final css code. He added design elements to give pages a well formated and finished look.

Student Technology Assistants
Kelli Gross: illustration assistant
Kelli illustrated the chinese script on the lanterns.

Christine Wu: initial web template development and design
Christine mocked-up the first variations of possible layout designs and coded the initial working css template.


Voice Talent:
Wen-Hua Teng, Jian Ma (volunteer), Fei Ren (volunteer)

Chin-Hua Teng, Yen-Hua Teng, Fang-Hua Teng (volunteers)

The following people have generously contributed the photos they took in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan for the Chinese Take-In design: Jeffrey Burk, I-Han Chen, Wei-Chun Yuan, Ramius Yang, Donna Heidenreich, Michael Heidenreich

This project went from concept to completion in just two months. It would have been impossible to accomplish this without the hard work of our contributors and development team.

Special thanks goes out to James Lewis, Justin Davis, Robert Sternadel, Myra Rodriguez, Michael Hegedus, Steven Miller, Gary Dickerson, Otis Hub, Caldonia Paws, Melinda Heidenreich and Emily Peterson for helping make Chinese Take-In a reality.