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Paintings on Sámi Motifs

By Elina Helander-Renvall

The following paintings come from Elina Helander-Renvall's book SILDE: Sami Mythic Texts and Stories. If you would like to buy SILDE or postcards with the pictures, they are available from Siida Sámi museum in Inari, Finland: or from the Báiki organization:

Beaivvaš (The Sun)


How Joy and Happiness came to the Sami


Cosmic Elk Hunt




Beaivváža Oaffar (Offering to the Sun)


Basse Aske (Sacred Moon Time)


Náinnas (Northern Lights)


Bivdit (Hunters)


Two kinds of dogs


Bassi Eanan (Spiritual Landscape)


Sámi Sárgosat I (Sami Symbols I)


Sámi Sárgosat II (Sami Symbols II)

Riekkoja (Ptarmigan)

Rumpukuvioita (Drum symbols)

Tuulimies (Windman)