Department Of Asian Studies, Center for East Asian Studies                                             
Student News & Awards

  • TX Speech Contest: #1 A. Barton,
    #2 J. Dalton
  • Austin Reginal Speech Contest:
    #1 J. Dalton; #2 A. Barton #3 M. Walker
  • AATJ (National) New year's card Contest:CG #1 D. Gresham
  • UT New year's card Contest:
    #1 D. Gresham; #2 I. Wang; #3 J. Evans

  • Events/イベント, 応募

    日本語会話テーブル 8:40-9:20PM @ Zoom (contact JA for more inf.)

    JPN 読書会
    火/金曜日 5 pm-5:45 pm
    @ PCL 6th fl, in front of 6A; 6S; 6C
    JOSHU 読み物リスト (Reading Material)


    Student Activities
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    Austin Speech Contest

    Texas Speech Contest

    テキサスファイト '22 
    video by B.ヘレラ. Also available @ YouTube