French Verbs Are Accessible

Present Tense-

Irregular R E Verbs, Part 3-

We will now learn to conjugate in the present tense a few more irregular French verbs whose infinitives end with the letters R E.   Some examples include: boire (to drink), croire (to believe), craindre (to fear), plaindre (to pity), se plaindre (to complain), peindre (to paint), éteindre (to put out, turn off), vaincre (to defeat, conquer), and distraire (to entertain, amuse, distract).

Following are the verbs boire and croire conjugated in the present tense.

Subject Pronoun- Boire- Croire-
J(e)- bois- crois-
Tu- bois- crois-
Il, elle, on- boit- croit-
Nous- buvons- croyons-
Vous- buvez- croyez-
Ils, elles- boivent- croient-

Now, listen to your screen reader conjugate craindre, plaindre, peindre, éteindre, vaincre, and distraire in the present tense. Notice the plural forms of craindre, plaindre, peindre and éteindre. The verb vaincre is very irregular, and the plural forms of distraire also require attention to detail while learning.
Subject Pronoun- Craindre- Plaindre- Peindre- Eteindre- Vaincre- Distraire-
J(e)- crains- plains- peins- éteins- vaincs- distrais-
Tu- crains- plains- peins- éteins- vaincs- distrais-
Il, elle, on- craint- plaint- peint- éteint- vainc- distrait-
Nous- craignons- plaignons- peignons- éteignons- vainquons- distrayons-
Vous- craignez- plaignez- peignez- éteignez- vainquez- distrayez-
Ils, elles- craignent- plaignent- peignent- éteignent- vainquent- distraient-