French Verbs Are Accessible

Present Tense-

Irregular O I R Verbs-

We will now learn to conjugate in the present tense a few more irregular French verbs whose infinitives end with the letters O I R. Some examples include: devoir (to be obliged to, to have to, to owe), pouvoir (to be able), recevoir (to receive), savoir (to know), vouloir  (to wish, want), falloir  (to be necessary, lacking) and pleuvoir  (to rain).

Following is the verb devoir conjugated in the present tense.

Subject Pronoun- Devoir-
J(e)- dois-
Tu- dois-
Il, elle, on- doit-
Nous- devons-
Vous- devez-
Ils, elles- doivent-

The verbs falloir and pleuvoir are conjugated only in the third-person singular. The subject is always il, and their present tense forms are il faut and il pleut.

Now, listen to your screen reader conjugate pouvoir, recevoir, savoir, voir and vouloir in the present tense:

Subject Pronoun- Pouvoir- Recevoir- Savoir- Voir- Vouloir-
J(e)- peux- reçois- sais- vois- veux-
Tu- peux- reçois- sais- vois- veux-
Il, elle, on- peut- reçoit- sait- voit- veut-
Nous- pouvons- recevons- savons- voyons- voulons-
Vous- pouvez- recevez- savez- voyez- voulez-
Ils, elles- peuvent- reçoivent- savent- voient- veulent-