French Verbs Are Accessible

Present Subjunctive-

Exercises to the Present Subjunctive, Part 3:
The Subjunctive after Certain Conjunctions and in Relative Clauses-

If you wish, you can open or save these exercises as a Microsoft Word file (you can print them or save them on your computer and edit there).

Exercise 1:-

Ecrivez les phrases suivantes en français.

Be sure to write the subject pronoun for each verb and include the accents where necessary.

Note on special characters and accents: If your computer does not have a numeric key pad, copy the characters you need from the character map, which is typically accessed from the system tools under accessories.

1. We'll go to the beach on Saturday unless it's cold.

2. Although I have a sore throat, I'll go skiing tomorrow.

3. Is there a good mechanic who can fix my car?

4. She's the most beautiful woman he knows.

5. Provided they have enough money, they'll travel to France in July.

6. The professor speaks slowly so we'll understand him.

7. She'll finish her homework before she goes out with her friends.

8. They'll get up very early so we won't arrive late.

9. I must stay at home until the mail arrives.

10. Do you know where I can buy shoes that aren't expensive?