French Verbs Are Accessible

Present Subjunctive-

Quiz on the Present Subjunctive, Part 3:
The Subjunctive after Certain Conjunctions and in Relative Clauses-

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Complete the following sentences with the verbs in parentheses. Be sure to include the accents where necessary.

Note on special characters and accents: If your computer does not have a numeric key pad, copy the characters you need from the character map, which is typically accessed from the system tools under accessories.

(faire) beau.

(savoir) parler russe?

(aller) en Europe pendant les vacances, ils ne voyageront pas en Belgique.

(pouvoir) t'aider à faire tes devoirs?


(savoir) réparer ta voiture.

(pleuvoir) pas à verse.

(réussir) à l'examen.


(être) intéressant.