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Dissertations and Discussions

Political, Philosophical, and Historical

John Stuart Mill

Dissertations and Discussions was a collection of Mill's essays that first appeared in two volumes in 1859, and expanded to four volumes in the third edition by 1875. These essays mostly appeared in the Westminister Review and the Edinburgh Review. At present we have a selection from the collection; as time permits more will be added. As Mill explains in the preface, not all of his essays were reprinted in Dissertations & Discussions: where it is useful, we will add other essays to this collection.

Source of the Texts

Some of what follows were digitized from the 1882 edition (in five volumes) published by Henry Holt and Company, Boston, but most come from the third edition of 1875 (in four volumes) published by Longmans, Green, Reader, and Dyer, London.


Except for the preface, the essays are listed in alphabetical order, rather than in the chronological order in which the essays are placed in the original publication by Longmans & Co.

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