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Among the several texts that John Stuart Mill and Harriet Taylor Mill were working on during the years of their marriage in the 1850's were such familar ethical and political writings as Utilitarianism and On Liberty. Whatever might be the case about the nature and extent of Harriet's contribution to these works, they are of a piece, in my judgment, and I think it illuminating to follow the themes of the Mills' libertarian utilitarianism thru' most of the works that date from this period or just after, whence this hypertext, which includes not only the two texts just mentioned but also two of the three Essays on Religion---viz., the essays on Nature and the Utility of Religion, and as well The Subjection of Women, and Considerations on Representative Government. The last two books mentioned—according to the Autobiography—were written in the years 1860–1, yet not only do they exhibit a clear continuity with what went just before, but also Mill in the Autobiography and in the preface to Representative Governement remarks upon that continuity in so many words.

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