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On Liberty

John Stuart Mill

On Liberty is probably Mill's best known book, and as such, may not need much introduction. I have, in any case, extensive notes on the text, and will start putting these up within the next months [19-Feb-2002], beginning with my notes on the argument for the freedom of ``tastes and pursuits''. [Paul Lyon]

A Note on the Text

I secured this text from the 'net, specifically from They scanned the text from Harvard Classics Volume 25, published in 1909 by P.F. Collier & Son. About this, they say:

This was scanned from the 1909 edition and mechanically checked against a commercial copy of the text from CDROM. Differences were corrected against the paper edition. The text itself is thus a highly accurate rendition. The footnotes were entered manually.

This text is in the PUBLIC DOMAIN, released September 1993.

The 1859 edition is the only edition of On Liberty.

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