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A System of Logic:
Raciocinative and Inductive

John Stuart Mill

This text was written before the ``vintage'' decade, but parts of it are pertinent to Mill's utilitarianism, so we have elected to include it here. The twelveth chapter of the sixth book on the ``Logic of Practice'' is the one most directly relevant to Mill's utilitarianism, but there are others as well, such as the last section of the second chapter of that same book, wherein Mill explicitly denies ``psychological hedonism''. At present we only have selections from the text, including all of Book VI, viz. ``The Logic of the Moral Sciences''. As time permits other parts of the System of Logic will be added here: eventually the whole book will be posted.

Source of the Text

I have used as source a reprint of the eighth edition of A System of Logic, the which reprint was done by Longman, Green, and Co. (London) in 1925. The eighth edition was the last printed in Mill's lifetime.

Table of Contents



Book I

Of Names and Propositions

Book III

Of Induction

Book IV

Of Operations Subsidiary to Induction

Book V

Of Fallacies

Book VI

The Logic of the Moral Sciences

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