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The Subjection of Women

John Stuart Mill

Since there are no chapter headings here, a brief lead-in is perhaps in order. The first chapter contains Mill's argument about why the existing and long time social subordination of women should not be taken as any evidence in favour of the proposition that this arrangement is for the best. The second presents an argument against the 19th century subordination of women in marriage. The third presents evidence of the competence of women to do many of the jobs from they were by custom (and law, in some cases) barred. The final chapter addresses the most important question, for a utilitarian, to wit, what is the gain in human happiness that is to be secured by the social emancipation of women?

A Note on the Text

I secured this text from 'net, possibly from wiretap. There was only one edition, namely that of 1869. There were no chapter titles in the original.


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