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Practical Ethics

Henry Sidgwick

These essays were mostly, in origin, addresses to various ethical societies in London and Cambridge between 1888 and 1897. Some were published in the International Journal of Ethics (now just Ethics) before being published in Practical Ethics (see the Preface).

A Note on the Text

This was digitized from the edition published in 1898 by Swan Sonnenschein & Co, London. So far as I know that is the only edition of Practical Ethics

Table of Contents

  1. The Scope and Limits of the Work of an Ethical Society
  2. The Aim and Methods of an Ethical Society
  3. Public Morality
  4. The Morality of Strife
  5. The Ethics of Religious Conformity
  6. Clerical Veracity
  7. Luxury
  8. The Pursuit of Culture
  9. Unreasonable Action

An Article by Hastings Rashdall

This article, a reply to part of the essay ``The Ethics of Religious Conformity'' was published in the International Journal of Ethics---the January, 1897 issue (Vol. VII, No. 2). Sidgwick's reply, in turn, is the essay ``Clerical Veracity'' above.
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