Phonology: case studies

By Scott Myers and Megan Crowhurst
Department of Linguistics at the University of Texas

Production Credits

Kinyarwanda Case Study:
Scott Myers, Professor, Linguistics

Turkish and Catalan Case Study:
Megan Crowhurst, Associate Professor, Linguistics

Kinyarwanda Materials:
Mr. Gilbert Habarurema

Turkish Examples:
Dr. Yildiray Erdener

Catalan Examples:
Dr. Marta Ortega-Llebaria

Project Producer:
Jim Henson

Project Manager and Audio Engineer:
Michael Heidenreich

Art Direction, Graphics, and Layout Design:
Suloni Robertson

CSS Designer:
Cristina Escutia

Coding and Design Assistants:
STA: Danni Rattanasamy, Laura Welch & Kelsey Innis

Special Thanks to:
STA Project Manager Gary Dickerson

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