Phonology: case studies

By Scott Myers and Megan Crowhurst
Department of Linguistics at the University of Texas

The sounds of the world's languages

  • A Course in Phonetics Hear all the examples in the textbook, and all the sounds of the IPA (see "The IPA Chart").
  • IPA Handbook The website for the IPA Handbook. Includes recordings of all the transcribed language samples in the handbook.
  • SIL IPA fonts: Downloadable standard freeware IPA fonts.
  • Vocal folds Slow-motion movie of vocal fold vibration. Produced by Peter Ladefoged.
  • The Speech Accent Archive: Random samples of many different accents in English, both foreign and native (Thanks to Wes Leavell for bringing it to my attention).
  • American English dialects A summary of differences in pronunciation from William Labov.
  • Vowel length Vowel length in Kinyarwanda, a language of Rwanda.
  • South Carolina Transcription exercise: South Carolina.
  • Kinyarwanda Transcription exercise: Kinyarwanda.


  • Sine waves An example of superimposition of sine waves.
  • Acoustics Some demos of basic acoustics
  • PRAAT: An excellent free acoustic analysis and synthesis program.

Speech perception


Speech technology