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Chair Instructions

If you have volunteered or been drafted to chair a panel, thank you. We have prepared the
following guidelines to help ensure that your panel runs smoothly.

Because of the strong interest and the high number of paper proposals we received,
the conference program is very tight, with not much free time between panels. Part of your
contributions as a chair will be to ensure that your panel stays on track.

We recommend the following schedule, assuming that there are four papers on your panel:
5 minutes for introduction by the chair, 15 minutes for each paper presentation, 10 minutes
for the chair to speak as a discussant, 15 minutes for audience questions and responses,
and 15 minutes for the transition to the next panel. You are free to modify this schedule as
you see fit, but we ask that you stick to 15 minutes for each paper presentation, and allow
enough time for the transition to the next panel.

Also, please keep in mind that we hope to publish selected papers from the conference. Part
of your job as chair will be to recommend papers for consideration (including your own). If
you have any questions or comments about the format of the panels or your contribution as a
chair, please contact us. Many thanks!


Africa Conference 2009: Science, Technology and Environment

Convened by Dr. Toyin Falola and Coordinated by Emily Brownell for the Center for African and African American Studies

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