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Flight Information

The annual Africa conference is held on the Campus of the University of Texas at Austin. Austin is the capital of Texas and is served by Austin Bergstrom International Airport, code AUS. Though not a large airport, Austin is served by many global carriers, such as American Airlines, Continental, Delta, United and Northwest Airlines. With codeshare agreements with most airlines around the world, travel to Austin with any of these airlines should be easy.

For domestic passengers, several low cost airlines are available such as Southwest, Jetblue and Expressjet. If you are traveling directly to the conference from abroad, it is not advisable to split your ticket since the airlines will not reimburse you or find other flights for you should you suffer any delays in your travel.

Special note for conference visitors from Nigeria:

United States-based Delta Airlines has announced plans to commence daily non-stop flights between Atlanta (Georgia) and Lagos (Nigeria), beginning December 3 2007. Thus it will be quick and easy to fly to Austin and you will not need a European transit visa.


Austin is a city that is easy to fly to from anywhere in the world, including any part of Africa. In the past we have had several people purchase tickets through unscrupulous ticket agents who told them that they could not fly from Lagos to Austin, but only to Houston. The participants were assured that road travel from Houston to Austin was easy, quick and cheap. Traveling by coach or train from Houston to Austin is not an easy task, and will take you much longer than you expect. Several participants remained stranded in Houston and could not attend the conference.

I urge all travelers, if you are told by a travel agent that it is not possible to fly to Austin, please DO NOT BUY YOUR TICKET FROM THIS AGENT. Go to another agent. We do not have the resources to assist you should you become stranded in a city other than Austin, Texas.



Africa Conference 2009: Science, Technology and Environment

Convened by Dr. Toyin Falola and Coordinated by Emily Brownell for the Center for African and African American Studies

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