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Japanese courses offered at the
University of Texas at Austin -- New Catalog

Majoring in Japanese:  Prerequisites and Requirements

Course descriptions
  • Japanese I (JPN 601D)
  • Japanese II (JPN 610D)
  • Intermediate Japanese (JPN 611D)
  • Japanese Grammar, Composition, and Conversation (JPN 317C)
  • Readings in Modern Japanese I & II (JPN 320K & JPN 320L)
  • Advanced Conversation I & II (JPN 325K & JPN 325L)
  • Business Japanese (JPN 326)
  • Advanced Reading and Writing of Kanji Characters (JPN 327)
  • Classical Japanese (JPN 322)
  • Topics in Advanced Japanese (JPN 330)    hide
    • Not open to native speakers of Japanese. Fourth-year Japanese readings on special topics. Three lecture hours a week for one semester. May be repeated for credit when the topics vary. Prerequisite: Japanese 320L with a grade of at least C. (3 credits)
      • Advanced Readings in Newspaper Articles:  Advanced Japanese readings, with emphasis on vocabulary.
        Semester offered: Spring
      • Practical Readings in Advanced Japanese:   Practical readings in advanced Japanese, including essays, short stories, comic strips, and newspaper and magazine articles.
        Semester offered: Fall