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Japanese courses offered at the
University of Texas at Austin -- New Catalog

Majoring in Japanese:  Prerequisites and Requirements

Course descriptions
  • Japanese I (JPN 601D)    hide
    • Not open to native speakers of Japanese. Designed for students with no previous coursework in Japanese. Emphasis on basic skills in listening and speaking Japanese and in reading and writing hiragana, katakana, and kanji. Introduction to Japanese culture. Includes computer-assisted instruction. Six lecture hours a week for one semester. (6 credits)
      Semesters offered: Fall, Spring, Summer
  • Japanese II (JPN 610D)
  • Intermediate Japanese (JPN 611D)
  • Japanese Grammar, Composition, and Conversation (JPN 317C)
  • Readings in Modern Japanese I & II (JPN 320K & JPN 320L)
  • Advanced Conversation I & II (JPN 325K & JPN 325L)
  • Business Japanese (JPN 326)
  • Advanced Reading and Writing of Kanji Characters (JPN 327)
  • Classical Japanese (JPN 322)
  • Topics in Advanced Japanese (JPN 330)