The University of Texas at Austin
PASSE PARTOUT: Sequenced Exercises in Oral Comprehension


PASSE-PARTOUT was developed to help intermediate and advanced students improve their oral comprehension skills. A sequence of audio and video selections provides the basis for comprehension exercises of increasing difficulty. The topics are extremely varied: the creation of Lalique crystal; winemaking, Van Gogh's genius; the production of sound effects for cinema; Sartre discussing Huis Clos in 1946; cinematographers Pialat and Karmitz describing their work; the history of the Louvre; Alphonse Daudet in a 1927 recording of his famous Provençal story, La Chèvre de Monsieur Seguin.

Students using the PASSE-PARTOUT series are exposed to a broad range of vocabulary and delightful aspects of French culture in the context of challenging oral comprehension exercises. The online format of the PASSE-PARTOUT exercises allows students individual control of their listening and viewing experience.

For immediate reinforcement, answers sets for each exercise may be viewed by clicking a button. The first few exercises require no more than recognition of key words. As the exercises increase in complexity, they require more extended and subtle listening skills, paraphrasing and summarizing of information presented in the source documents.

The creation of this course was funded by a grant from the Liberal Arts Instructional Technology Services at the University of Texas. Video source documents were provided by the French Cultural Services of the French Embassy as part of a grant to the author of these exercises, Dr. Cheney Crow of the University of Texas, for development of specialized courses in French. The audio documents are from the University of Texas Liberal Arts archives.

Dr. Crow is also the creator of a media and web-based Scientific French course completely contained on a 5 CD-ROM set which is used at colleges around the USA.